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Cflow delivers complete fish handling solutions to Nordlaks’ new and environmental responsible hybrid vessels.

Sep 18, 2020 8:46:48 AM

Nordlaks is an excellent example of a company with a sustainable approach to development in the aquaculture industry.
Both "Bjørg Pauline" and "Harald Martin" are hybrid vessels with LNG-gas, batteries, and shore power connection.
With this, they reduce their emission of CO2 and NOx (nitric oxide) and their environmental impact under the production of salmon and trout.
The wellboats are equipped with modern fish handling-, and water treatment technology from Cflow.
The vessels will be operating for Nordlaks seafarm "Jostein Albert" that arrived in Norway in June 2020. It is, therefore, equipped with a dynamic position system (DP) to be able to operate on more exposed locations.
Cflow has also delivered the connection to the sea farm on the vessel's side ⚓️

At the moment, Cflows supervisors are in Turkey at Tersan, working on the wellboats.
Here is a picture of "Harald Martin" with "Bjørg Pauline" right behind 😀



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